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Flirt Dress Flirt Dress

FLIRT DRESS The Lucia Bella short, sexy and feminine dress is an elegant combination of white sa..

960RON 1,200RON

Golden Baby Doll Golden Baby Doll

GOLDEN BABY DOLL Lucia Bella golden baby doll dress never ceases to impress. Made of gold..

1,040RON 1,300RON

Golden Corset Golden Corset

GOLDEN CORSET Lucia Bella black corset with silver sequins overlaid with gold leather strip..


Golden Jeans Golden Jeans

GOLDEN JEANS Lucia Bella elegant and comfortable drop crotch pants Lucia Bella are tied with an ..


Green Classiness Dress Green Classiness Dress

GREEN CLASSINESS DRESS Lucia Bella green classiness dress is a mesmerizing piece of the summe..

2,080RON 2,600RON

Green Mermaid Dress Green Mermaid Dress

GREEN MERMAID DRESS The Lucia Bella extremely feminine mermaid type gown is one of a kind. With ..

2,200RON 2,750RON

Green Summer Top Green Summer Top

GREEN SUMMER TOP Lucia Bella green leopard print top is an extremely feminine piece of the Silver ..


La Petite Robe Noir La Petite Robe Noir

LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE Lucia Bella flounce short dress. Splendid decollete neckline with la..


Lucia Bella Skirt Lucia Bella Skirt

LUCIA BELLA SKIRT The Lucia Bella miniskirt is an elegant piece with lacquered leather pattern a..


Mini Sexy Skirt Mini Sexy Skirt

MINI SEXY SKIRT Lucia Bella satin skirt with an embroidered margin on the endings will get you n..


Moulin Rouge Corset Moulin Rouge Corset

MOULIN ROUGE CORSET Lucia Bella red corset with floral pattern, tulle and black lace ruffles. ..


Mysterious Look Mysterious Look

MYSTERIOUS LOOK Black flounced long lace dress, perfect for a refined and  majestic ..


Natural Look Natural Look

NATURAL LOOK The delicate and short Lucia Bella silk dress is accessorized with a Swarovski..

1,376RON 1,720RON

Occasion Dress Elegant Mermaid Occasion Dress Elegant Mermaid

ELEGANT MERMAID Lucia Bella Mermaid backless dress. The details on this dress such as tins..

1,904RON 2,380RON

Occasion Dress Goddess Occasion Dress Goddess

GODDESS DRESS  Lucia Bella goddess dress is a delight to the eye due to its blooming..

2,080RON 2,600RON

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